Three Vanes Rotary Hand Pump (PPS)

Product ID: RP8803

• Made from advanced Non-oxidation and Rust-resistant materials-Stainless Steel and PolyPhenylene Sulfide (Ryton).

• Ideal for transferring soluble, corrosive, volatile and aggressive chemical, such as Esters, Alcohols, Alkali, Acids, Hydrocarbons, and other fluids are compatible with pump component materials.
• Also suitable for transferring Petroleum based fluids, Transmission Fluid, and water-based chemicals.
• Supply with 2" bung adapter and 3-piece plated steel suction tube to fit most 15, 30 and 55-gallon drums.
• The self-priming unit dispenses approximately 400 ml per stroke.

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• Pump Type: Rotary - 3 Vanes
• Flow: 400 ml / Rotation
• Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140˚F / 60˚C
• Mounting: 2" MNPT Bung Adapter
• Suction Tube Length: 40" Maximum
• Inlet: 1-1/4" O.D.
• Outlet: 1" O.D. Curved Spout
• Wetted Parts: PPS, PTFE
• Maximum Viscosity: 2,000 SSU
• Option: Polyethylene Extension Hose

• Standard Packing: 6pcs/ctn, NW: 18.0kgs, GW: 19.0kgs, Cuft: 2.5'

  • Minimum Order: A Full Carton
  • FOB: Taiwan