Lever Action Drum Pump

Product ID: RP-490S

  • Wetted material: PVDF, PTFE, 304SS.

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  • Applicable Drum: 5 to 55 gallon drums.
  • Packing: 10 pcs/CTN, N.W: 24 kgs / G.W: 25 kgs / CUFT: 2
  • Applicable Liquids: transferring soluble, corrosive, volatile and aggressive chemicals, such as Esters, Alcohols, Alkali, Strong Acids, Hydrocarbons, and other fluids are compatible with pump materials of construction. Also suitable for Petroleum based fluids, such as Automotive Additives, Diesel, Lube Oils, Kerosene, Solvents, Thinner, Benzene, Cleaning Solutions, Fuel Oils, Transmission Fluid, and water-based chemicals, Anti-Freeze, Soaps, Waxes, etc.
  • Capacity: 300 c.c. per rotation.
  • Discharge spout can be rotated 180º and fit I.D. 3/4'' garden hose.
  • Minimum Order: A Full Carton
  • FOB: Taiwan