Air Diaphragm Pump

Product ID: A-26

New Design of Air Valve:
The new facing-piston-air-valve makes a new design that lower the probability of the spare parts than before. This design also increases the pump efficiency when operated. The other design-NV Valve can operate at only 1.0 bar/air pressure and operated with nonstop characteristics close to 98% effectively.

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Liquid Inlet/Outlet:¾”PT
Air Inlet:¼”PT
Air Outlet: ¼”PT
Max. Air Supply Pressure:8.3 bar; 125psi
Min. Pressure for Operated:
AV - air valve:1.6 Bar(kgf/cm2)
NV–air valve:1.0 Bar(kgf/cm2)
Max Flow Rate :14.88 G.P.M.; 56 LPM
Max. Size Solid: 2 mm
Max. Air Consumption:380NL/Min,13.41Scfm/Min
Suction Lift Capability:7.6 m Primed; 4.5m Dry
Dimensions :(L)25cm*(W)19cm*(H)30cm

Weight of Pump:
A-26:Aluminum Alloy:5KG
S-26:Stainless Steel 316:6.5KG

Material of Non-Body Wetted:
Center Body-Aluminum Alloy
Air pressure Room-Aluminum Alloy
Air Valve-Aluminum Alloy, SUS316, Cu, POMC, Teflon

Materials of Diaphragm, O-Ring:
Material        Temperature Limit
UPE (U)         -5   to    +60℃
Teflon (T)       -30   to    +120℃
Santoprene(O)     +5   to    +80℃
NBR(N)         +5   to    +60℃