Product ID: JW-81

Capacity: 1 L

0.13 oz per stroke

Type: Piston - Spring Operated

Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140˚F / 60˚C

Wetted Parts: Steel, Aluminum & PVC

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Category: Syphon Pumps

Packing: 1PC/BOX, 20 PCS/CTN, 6/7.3KG/2.5'

Multi purpose mini pump provides the user with an ideal means of topping up difficult to access oiling points on motor vehicles, lawn mowers, chain saws, outboard and two stroke motors, and other add jobs around the workshop and home.

Suitable for all oils, automatic transmission fluids, brake fluids and general purpose cleaners, the self contained unit will prevent oil contamination when not in use.

Making top up jobs quicker and easier.

  • Minimum Order: A Full Carton
  • FOB: Taiwan